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6/30/2009 10:03:00 AM

Bento King Bento King....
ooh....from beginning of june i told my PRINCE want to have a try there, coz the food did attract me,hehe!


friday my PRINCE skipped his work and come find me
then we went to sun wong ate something coz jut is very very hungry...
after that planned to go bento king
but my PRINCE said he's tired, so we went back ss2 have a nap...
and when we wake up, its almost 4pm....
and when i look at the bento king business time, its 11am-5pm
ITS 5pm!!!!!!!!
oh,fast my dear! we in hurry now!
and when we found bento king, its already 5pm...
then we cannot eat free dy..haih

so we went to sg wang
and from the entrance, its having a sushi promotion
its so cheap and so, jut brought 1 and get 1 free....
thats our dinner....

and we had those sushi inside mcD,muahahahahah!
after that we shopped for awhile, then go back..

27th JUNE 2009
we spent our whole day at kl,haha!
this time, we have our lunch at BENTO KING!
at last, i can try it, tatse ok, but what i want to eat dont serve on saturday...its only available on weekdays...
stupid ifeel magazine, din write properly
but its ok lar, since tha laksa i ate so nice!
my PRINCE have nasi lemak as his lunch,hmm....the curry tatse ok ok...
my penang laksa

HIS nasi lemak

ps:we forget to capture photo, so the food looks abit messy,haha!

after our lunch, we went to shopping at pavilion
our main plan is watch movie at pavilion cinema...haha!
and we choose "departure" for our today movie
its a japanses show, that recommended by mintee, jmy PRINCE's roomate...
starting was ok for me, but it turn very BORING when its go to middle and ending...
but overall, the movie was so touching!
then we finish the movie bout 2++ hours later
our next location was sg wang plaza
i have something to buy
i need it for my cousin's wedding...
i got everything, but not yet a nice and suitable belt, so i ask my PRINCE acompany me to sg wang plaza to buy a belt....
our dinner is done by eating somewhere at the back street
its normal dinner, but i felt happy coz eating with him and although its not tatse very very very nice, but yet, i m really happy!
our side order, fried oyster

my gong bou pork meat rice

jut's ku lok meat rice

and guess who i met on the street outside?
its my primary and secondary school junior....
i m not so close to her, but yet, we know each other
so i greed her....

uh....we reach home bout 11pm++, so tired......
we plan to meet up tomorrow bout 11am,uh, i will be so tired.....

its been lagging of line this few days
just my PC, i duno why?
JESSICA can online
so this few days
beside spend time with my PRINCE, i watch HK drama...
no need wait to back subang then only can watch, now i can copy from JESSICA and enjoy astro on demand drama,muahahahahaha!

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Basket Ball Day

6/26/2009 12:45:00 AM

today is my PRINCE sport day
currently he is playing basket ball....
today, i request to follow him to the court
just to support him..

he agreed and bring me there...
normally he will play until 9pm++
but today play until 10pm+
but i was so happy...

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6/25/2009 12:02:00 AM

it was very tired day...
yesterday i started work for the part time job...
maybe is the 1st day,so everything is fresh and fun
until today, i found that little bit boring...
haih....keep doing the same thing
iron iron and iron
check check and check....
but ok lar,since Im not wasting time at home by online online online...

almost the day-time helping lawrence for the photo shooting
so so so tired :(
yet, some of the shooting was great
captured some very nice photo
the feeling of the photo is awsome


and something happend....
i was so sad...
and my PRINCE bring me to "small genting" last night

although we was at up there last night
but the mood was not there..
both of us stil upset...
and everything turn fine when we going back....
today, my PRINCE fetch me after work
we had our dinner and then back to his house
he bought two yellow small fish since monday
today, wednesday, i go and see those fish
they are so cute...
3 fishes in one fishbowl...

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Transformer Premier

6/23/2009 09:53:00 AM

2 nights before, lawrence ask me to hv photo shooting in this wednesday
i want to help him, but i start working on today..hehe!
so we plan to have the shooting on yesterday..
its very tiring me...
we went to old railway station
and i saw some of the photo, its really feel good!
lunch time, my PRINCE was nearby there, so he came to find us...
3 of us hv lunch together at sg Wang, Gasonline cafe...
my rice was so okok, the fish is not as soft and as yummy as i think..
my PRINCE ying yang was soo big, he cant even to finish it
lawrence told me his rice also not good..
haha!next time wont go that place again...
well...after lunch, lawrence and me went back to 17 and try some shooting behind my house's street
after tat we went home...

i ask my PRINCE
"can u find the place?"
oh, he answer me, not yet, stil finding...
later on, he call me and say he cant take the ticket....
what?! the nuffnang mail said that can send a representative
oh, maybe my PRINCE want to gv me a surprise?
actually i didnt angry or sad,haha!
just play wif him too...
i said Im sad and not in good mood, because of he cant take the ticket....hahahahah!

and guess what?
he really wan to gv me a surprise....
u see...

its my premier ticket
thx to audrey, i got the ticket, but need to collect it at nuffnang office
abit mafan...
but my PRINCE help me to collect..thx dear..!

anyway, to my PRINCE:
- i didnt meant what i said,pls dun take it serious....
u know i just helping fren, and dont have anything else....:)

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1day continuous 2 movie

6/22/2009 12:10:00 AM

Today went to Tropicana city mall watch movie
and i ask my PRINCE to parked at the A188 lot...
cause its almost same with his car plate number

GSC is opening there, and next time no need go to 1U and watch movie already...
and our tickets on today is totally FREE!!!
from 20th June till 23th June 2009, once u print out the cupon from GSC website, u can redeem 2 ticket by using one coupon
so, i printed 2 coupon and we redeem for 2 movies, 4 tickets...

watch 2movie continuously, NON-STOP!

Before went to the 1st movie, my PRINCE was very hungry and he order chicken rice for her brunch
and i, hot red bean,yum yum yummy, my favorite too!
oh, and the ice lemon tea was my PRINCE's

we also wont forget to HIAO

for my part time job...
i need wear whole black, from shirt till the shoe...
i have no choice, but to buy a new shoe...
i have one black high hill, but i dont want to wear high hill to work
so i buy a low hill shoe...
UNBELIEVABLE, its suit me in sized 39
the design is simple, but yet, i like it...
next time i also can wear this for my assignment presentation, haha! PRINCE say i watse money again..
so many shoe, stil want to buy
but this time i bought it because i really need it
Im not buying for nothing, for fashion...
i just want to feel comfortable with a low hill shoe when i was working
anyway, thanks for today dear, it have been a great day!
today my sister ask to join for dinner, and she said want to ask for my brother too
my PRINCE say ok and i promise to join them...
this is the 1st time my PRINCE meet up with my brother...
hmm, maybe the 1st time, so they seem like very shy to each other and didnt talk alot...
haha!at last, all my family member meet you, my dear PRINCE!
when i gonna meet all yours?
anyway, tomorrow i gonna help Lawrence for photo shooting and now is already 12.30am
and i need more rest and look good for tomorrow, so i gonna sleep now
good night....

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6/20/2009 11:15:00 PM


yes,i got it today!
the girl from Le Ann Maxima called me this evening
and promise me work from tuesday till thursday,11am-7pm
well,feel great!
at last can get part time job already!
i wait this day so long!
but this boutique on market now....abit stress lol!
and got uniform, but now this branch hvnt got the dress yet
so all the workers require to wear whole black
haih, i jz got one black shirt, long pant and skirt
so since today i at sister house,i borrow other one shirt and long pant from her
she gv me the long pant and borrow me the shirt....
next time when i got the uniform, i need to gv back her shirt.... far, my working dress is not enough, so i gonna buy some for it next day...hehe~

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6/20/2009 10:54:00 AM

Yesterday my PRINCE sent me back to subang...
before that...he fetch me to have some interview....
because i went to Le Ann Maxima yesterday afternoon
and i dont want to work there, becasue need to work until 10pm...
so i ask my PRINCE fetch me back to ss2 boutique ask again....
when i having interview at Dans L'maour boutique, my PRINCE heard the whole process of interview....
and i did so many wrong in the interview, i knew that from my PRINCE
later on,he teach me how to interview....
GOSH, am i so bad?huh...

well...after our dinner, we went to almost all bridal shop at ss2....
one by one walk in to ask for part time....
some is hiring part time and some is hiring full time....
by the way, i also ask for full time
because my PRINCE said my study time should able to match for the full time job
and so...i had interview at some bridal shop for full time job...
one by one..until bout 9pm++

My PRINCE teach me everything for the interview
how to talk and bla bla bla....
well.....yar,its really work.....
for the last and very very last bridal shop yesterday night,
i really used the way tat my PRINCE teach me and hehe.....
the girl look like get shocked!
by the way, i dont think to work at the last bridal shop...
but maybe the 2nd last bridal shop would have high chance for me...
but, because the last 2nd bridal shop is request for full time...
so i have to think twicely....
becasue saturday, sometimes i need to back to subang help my sister to take care her children...
and yes too, sometimes i can ask for not going back subang....
but probably will back..
so, maybe i should not think bout the bridal shop
maybe i will choose Le Ann Maxima, if the girl give me finish work at 7pm...
because 10pm its really really too late for me!
anyway, she said today will call me....hope she can arange me for 7pm

finish for the night of yesterday and i reach my sister house bout 10.30pm....
what a tiring night...
and too, shame night....
almost whole bridal shop workers though we have made appointment or going to look for the package,haha!

its 2days cant meet for my PRINCE again....
so miss him!

and now...11.10a, he hvnt wake up...
yesterday night should be hang out with friends until very tired....

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6/19/2009 03:02:00 PM

GUESS what?
i LOVE spaghetti soo much! ate SPAGHETTI for my lunch again....

went to PA make paymebt for my repeat bill
and so, i ask jessica want to join me for lunch(her breakfast,haha!)
we met up and hv our meal at Station One, Jaya One... LOVE!

Today's soup
uh,normal soup....not nice!

and yaya,my favorite!SPAGHETTI..
of course,wont forget to what they said so:"HIAO"
after my lunch,its already 12.45pm
jessica cant acompany me for asking part time job
so i went myself....
its just state right on top on Old Town Cafe...
1st time walk in and feel like so branded!
had a short interview
and i was wondering want to do or not
because if i am doing that part time job
tuesday until thursday, 11am-10pm...
thats a long long working time
problem not because of this
main problem is finish work so late....
10pm eh...
i ask for finish work at bout 5 or 6
the girl say cannot...because thats counted as office hour
maybe unless i do full time, then i can require for office hour?
well.....stil very very WONDERING....
later my PRINCE promise to fetch me to ss2 Dans L'maour boutique again
its not the time to feel ashame, i have to brave to go ask again
maybe the girl forget to tell the boss or the boss forget bout me?
so i will go ask agian later bout it
if can i wan work at Dans L'maour
cause the working hour is 11am till 8pm.....
better than 10pm lol....
well....yesterday whole night cannot on9 and now at last can on9 already.....
finish blogging, its time to enjoy my blog song and other on9 stuff....

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Korean Hot MV

6/18/2009 10:53:00 AM

add song into my blog playlist!
this time is Cinderella by Seo In Young
i like this song and MV last time...
but forget the song title and the artist, so couldnt find it...
now i found it, and yeah, post up here....

currently i searched Korean song, and i started to love it...
ops, not every Korean song....
the style that i love is something Rock, R&B...
maybe i like to watch those hot girl dance in the MV?

here are the Fire sang by 2NE1


**i prefer space version more,how bout u?

Before this i post up Nobody sang by Wonder Girls MV..
and now i would like to post up the other song list in my blog playlist, sang by Wonder Girls too, So Hot

Here's all the Korean song in my blog playlist hot MV
gosh, they are so hot and i enjoy those MV

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6/18/2009 12:43:00 AM

today my PRINCE whole day at outside...
i spend my whole day at home
until night then can meet up with my PRINCE

we had our supper, Lok Lok at ss2,muahahah!
not full, but happy!

i saw a dress beside his table, and i ask
"why you buy this Tshirt again?"
he replied:"Fai give it to you."
oh? for me?
but why?
i ask him why Fai gv me and he say gv mar gv reason...
hmm...seem like girl and boy really different!
i have to quickly finish "Man Are From Mars, Woman Are From Venus"

ps: thx to Fai...haha! its really touching..

Jessica had been playing with her camera this few days...
since she is practicing for her assignment too
i ask she help me to capture the 20methink logo
and thx to her, she keep on capture and capture
at last, she come out of this photo too...

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Creamy Chicken Soup Rice

6/17/2009 08:57:00 PM

i spend my whole day at home today....
my breakfast was taken bout 12.30pm, muahahahah!
just a simple drink, hot milo!
and i wash all my dirty clothes
then its the time for lunch...yeah!

what my life now is eat eat and EAT, argh....

yesterday i had already planed to cook myself
and this is the recipe
creamy chicken soup + rice

it's look disgusting and honestly tatse not good
but when it turn cool, i barely tatse the soup...
and i enjoy it!

see, i ate half of it

and i finished it!

it's been another boring day for me...
do nothing but online eat and sleep...
if i continue this lifestyle, i will die!

beginning of next month will be my mid term, and i hvnt touch my note yet
this time, i hope i can get higher mark....
then about the presentation, i shall do my very very best!
then i can have not much worry for my final...

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Songs in my blog

6/17/2009 01:47:00 PM

Its been few days i active this blog
and found that almost everyday Im updating this blog
i think i wont active my WRETCH anymore
so friends, u guys can stop view my wretch, haha!

because of coding, i love playing blogspot so much
maye wrtech also can coding,but i dont know how, so i choosed blogspot
and i put so many song into my blog....
later will have more and more song...
for now, got 6 songs already
1st, Nobody in English version
2nd, I Fall In Love With You by aselin Debison
3rd, So Hot by Wonder Girls
4th, Nobody by Wonder Girls
5th, Island In The Sun by Weezer
last but not lease, 6th, Fire by 2NE1

huh,my blog theme is sooo simple
but my blog song is not matching the theme
so weird!
but anyway, those songs are my favorite song right now....
i love to hear those song now.....
currently i wont open my TT player
i straight away conect t0 my blog and hear these 6 songs, haha!

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6/16/2009 11:51:00 PM

today my PRINCE and i went to maxis centre to change family plan....
Im now under his package...
can call and sms free for each other wor.haha!

before went to maxis centre
we had our breakfast at kota damansara
then we went to pharmacy
and i saw this cute box
and i ask my PRINCE to buy it, :)

love the cute box very much
next time buy more
and i can me keep my thing inside
and bring it out also very cute!

today i also acompany my PRINCE to work after setter the mobile line
what a boring and sleepy evening!
now i can feel how my PRINCE work
so boring and need alot of patient!

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My PRINCE bought me a fan

6/16/2009 12:32:00 AM

as noted on the title
my PRINCE bought me a fan....
a small little fan...
flower look alike fan...
its CUTE, and i LOVE it so much
pinky fan
this is the look of my PRINCE table....
he took the pinky fan and i took the flower look alike fan
and he said, we should exchange in somewhile wor.....
and now the flower fan is in my room......
*capture on JESSICA's table

It's been so boring boring day for me!
i had my day online online and online
sleep sleep sleep and sleep
eat eat eat and keep on eat
i want my part time job
when does the boss will call me?
hope soon and very very soon!
or maybe tomorrow i gonna go for other boutique and ask for part time job?
in case Dans L'amour dont wan to hire me?
hmm....wish me GOOD LUCK!

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14th JUNE

6/15/2009 01:48:00 AM

i went back subang tis weekend...
and my PRINCE come find me on saturday night
hehe....1st time oo...
we went to sunway walk awhile...

on 14th JUNE 2009
is the day we get togethe for 5 months
and with our promise, we wore our T-shirt!

and today my PRINCE said want to eat pizza
and i choose my favorite tabasco..hehe
today he also went to buy the photo frame to put our photo
he have 2 frames and so i...
here's my photo frames with his and our photo

focus onthe right hand side frame,
what did u see?
he with hair clip,hehe
actually it just because have too many photos
and the fames cant put too many photo
so i clip those photo on the back
it's to make me easy to change his photo whenever i want

tats all for today...good night
miss you

ps: i went to ss2 look for part time job today
Amour boutique shop dont want a part timer...
so sad
and i didnt give up
i went to another boutique, Dans L'amour
a girl working there her boss may want a part timer
so if she want, she will give me a call
hope she will call me!
and if bad luck, i shall go find other part timer job...
compare with waitress, i prefer work at boutique,hehe!
so,hopefully i can get the job

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house clean at 37

6/12/2009 12:48:00 AM

Today we had clean up our 37th house...
huh, tiring, yet but fun,hehe...
we use bout 2 hours to clean the whole downstair...
after that, we suggest to supper together...
after everybody finish bathing, we went out for our supper...

our supper - nasi lemak

and my drink - milo panas

me, capturing myself, without caring surrounding, hee

Jessica, i help her capture, because she forget to bring her hp out

me, enjoying my nasi lemak

Jessica, enjoying her nasi lemak

**We are ex-housemate, ex-classmate, and now, ROOMATE!

and now....
come to the climax...

Our HOUSE LEADER, with other housemate
spot him, he's in black and with specticle

from my view, i can just capture his back
Jessica lol...dont want help me capture
her view is much more better than me!

and this one is VICE HOUSE LEADER, with other housemate
spot him, he's in white and drinking his drink

we had a great night today
and this is the 1st time we have our gathering together...
hope our relationship will get better and closer...
it's late now,but i just finish my spicy supper
so i cant sleep yet
but tomorrow i gonna wake up at 8.30 to get prepare for class
and after that gonna back subang
today didnt meet up with my PRINCE
tomorrow and saturday will not meet up too...
so many days didnt meet up
and just now i can feel my PRINCE sad....
this sunday we only meet up, yar?
miss you....

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