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my 1st time

8/24/2009 11:29:00 PM

today is my first time wear cons
feel happy,yet, not so comfortable!
maybe the 1st time, so might be like that
but i try and try, then ok already
went to school at bout 3.30
chee how come and fetch me
he didnt notice that i wore cons!
and so my classmate!
haha! maybe i choose the natural colour, so they didnt realise!
after class, chee how had his lunch outside class
gosh!lunch at 5.50pm
after his lunch, he did some experiment on this...
the maggie me turn from blue to original colour after put bio c pil inside
and the water with iodin, from blue to white too!
this is because of C
after that he sent me to jaya one
i had a dinner organized by my company at oversea restaurant
our GM i think, mr ivan keep on sing-k
today suppose my dear fetch me after the dinner
but he was too busy
so i asked crysent send me back
thx to her, if not i duno how i gonna back!
gonna sleep after blog, tomorrow gonna be at company at 7.30am
all franchiser come and many models too
we gonna help the models change clothes tomorrow....
but they say i may leave at 6pm tomorrow
argh, luckily!
good night!

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shopping day with celest

8/24/2009 12:37:00 PM

dated with celest to kl shopping on sunday
i was stil at my sister house and i ask her sent me to take bus at 9.30
reach pj bout 10
then rest awhile went out to kl
reach time square bout 11.30
but celest hvnt come

after she came we went for shopping
plan to sing k, but end up with the sales
bought the skirt worth RM79,but after 35%
thx to celest ,if not i will jz get 20%
next stop is watson
bough my lip gloss
and a sales girl keep on promoting her product
celest bought the sun block and lotion
i bought the lotion and eye gel

then we went for lunch-Gasonline
lol,what's she doing???
after that thx to my sis
she ask me to buy her a sock
so i went to i-sock
then we got a pass to enter VIP area
eventhough we left not much time
but we stil go in and hv a look
end up i bought a contact lens
gonna try it tonight and friday!

then we went to sg wang parkson redeem my swim wear
so happy!
i was so lucky this few month
join ifeel contest and keep on win the prize
i shall keep on my luck to join many contest

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Happy Birthday

8/20/2009 10:34:00 PM

Happy Birthday to our so call Ah Hiao!
meet up with those HIAO people at BBQ Plaza, Jaya One

i reach there bout 10 minutes later
but my meal came 1st

Poh Yin is promoting my meal lol..

later, come their family set

We was the so call capture queen and king
Jessica and me

Poh Yin and me

Sze Teng and me

and here come the birthday boy
Mr. Hiao Lawrence
Happy Birthday yar

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DO NOT Trust people easily!

8/19/2009 11:59:00 PM

first of all...i found this photo after i approve my supervisor facebook friend request

date: 31st July 2009
time: 3.30pm-5.30pm
venue: LeAnn Maxima flagship showroom, Jaya One, PJ
spot what's the different?
yeah,that's mine

go future to 17th August
chee how come and fetch me to uni due to expensive taxi fee
i cant affort it if every monday take a cap to uni
after our class, we met up with jessica at jaya one, wendy's
have our dinner and then jessica and me went to cold storage for a short shopping
bought this....
gonna hang on my new bag!
on that night, i slept at 10
dont know why,maybe is too tired or boring?

the next day, dear sms me that want fetch me to interview for piano
i get prepared and have little bit make up
but end up he came late
so cancel the interview...
on that day 6.45pm
suddenly rain heavily!
7pm i want to go home lar!
sms dear ask whether he is free or not...
but he reply that he was busy
and my supervisor recommended to fetch me back
thanks to her,if not im sure become wet chicken,muahahaha!

crysent told me that company gonna have dinner on 24th
and she ask me wear nicely wor....
ok, i will!
but all i have for nicely dinner wear its too DINNER already
i want something casual abit
so i online shopping on tuesday night
haha! i caught something good!
and i bought it
plan to pay for her on tomorrow at sec14
but im too lazy to wake up early
so plan to pay for her on thursday but something happen on wednesday afternoon....

well....time come to wednesday
i was so hate eating alone!
so i sms jessica for lunch together...
and we went to Tappers
our table number
shift from 39 to 39A
my soda sauce chicken rice
jessica with her goo leng ping
my hot honey lemon
of course, wont forget to capture myself!
and us too!

on the half way of our lunch, my dear call me and say want to come find me
we met up and i told him that i bought something on9 again
though he will be very mad, but ok lar...just shooting me around...:(
but thx to him, he help me pay by net
i no need wake up early on thursday already!
thx dear!
at night i went to cold storage alone again....
to buy those food for my breakfast, lunch and dinner....
not good to eat so much instand mee
so i bought some bread and bla bla bla
spent me almost RM50...haih!
gonna broke again later.....


ops..back to the topic
"DO NOT Trust people easily!"
happen on tuesday around 5...
there was a maybe african girl or dubai girl came to our shop
she came few times already
and on tuesday, she bought a necklace
after she pay she came back and told me and Esa that she dont have money to take taxi
so she request to refund
but our shop do not have refundable system
so we talk for bout 5 minutes
then Esa felt something wrong
then she go and get Rubiey and crysent
crysent handle it very good!
and so the girl left
this girl was so scary!
she maybe gonna use black magic to blur us and ask us gv all the money to her or maybe she buy clothes withough giving money
well....nowsaday got many many different kind of people
what we need to do is be careful
DO NOT Trust people easily
strangers and so your friend too lar!
even is the closest friend, they may betray you!
not only friend, maybe relatives, family members too
so, keep an eye on everybody

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8/17/2009 09:37:00 AM

i would like to dance from last night

guess what?
i got the bag i mention!
from the day i post this message in my msn
lots of friends ask me either i lost my bag?
haha!no lar
and i told one friend that my bag is Blueberry bag
he believed!
but im not that bad lie to people lar
just tell him the design look like blueberry
but im not using cetak rompak lol!
i admit!
i love branded bag like LV
but, now i wont dreaming to get one, because i know i cant!
the "Blueberry" that i using now is jz a grid design bag
i LOVE grid soooo much!
easy to match and wont outdated so fast mar...
the most important is the bag look mature compare those bag i bought
it will make me look mature when i walk beside my prince
i'll promise to turn mature soon dear!
not jz outloo, but deep from my heart will also turn mature!
i promise will try my best!
actually the "Blueberry" bag is out of stock already
but i really like the bag and i ask to order once
and i have to wait for another 1 month
well, if i need wait one more month
i just cant use it end of this month
but nevermind
i can wait, cause i really realy like the bag!
after i sent the 2nd order
i receive an email from the seller and she told me she have a stock on her hand now
i quickly book it!
at night, i ask dear fetch me to subang from klang to get the bag
at last, i got the bag!
and dear met a new fren...
he said she was a talent girl, good in communication
should be good in sales career!
well, i feel happy for dear...should thank me lar!muahahah!
yesterday was the happist day for me so far
dear bring me to his brother house at klang and dinner with his family, just without his mother and aunt
besides, I GOT MY BAG!!!!!!!!

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8/15/2009 09:43:00 PM


i really love the bag that i choose......
but the sellers tell me dont have stock already...


and another bag is suit for me to travel 1-2 days....
like go back to subang or somewhere to holiday!
i also like the bag too......

why Jessica's bag got stock but mine dont have?
So sad!!!!!

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H1N1→H3N2 ?!

8/12/2009 09:47:00 PM

Wow, is that real?
seem like so scary!
H1N1 become H3N2
1 become 3 and 2
increase the level and may kill us!
uh, so danger, i should get myself and my dear a mask!
from my friend's facebook, i knew that my hometown also got this case
worrying about my are they now?

anyway, this was not i was worrying on this evening
bad bad dear fooling me the whole evening!
he told me that his friend from Singapore came back
but is a girl
ok lol, thats fine, but he told me that they are sleeping together tonight!
his mine!how could he sleep with other girl?!
ok, fine, i act like ok ok lol....but was so mad!
actually no mood to work the whole day!
because of him lar!
until almost 7pm, dear sms said coming to fetch me after work
7+pm, he came with his friend
and his friend is a MAN!
ohh.....dear, u such a bad bad boy!
order abit expensive dinner as a punishment for him
jz fooling me around, but its fun? yiak....not really lol!
haha!anyway, enjoy the time with your friend dear...
miss you so much!

PS:take care dear, u always go to hospital and work...H1N1 is everywhere and now heard people said become H3N2 already.....

hope H1N1(H3N2) will disappear soon!!!go go go,ish!i hate those viruses and germs!

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Sunday trip to kepong

8/11/2009 01:44:00 AM

a natural walk we had on last sunday
destination: Desa Parkcity at Kepong
actually that day planned to puchong and help dear's brother clean his new house
but we got late and cancel the plan
we plan to selayang enjoy those kites in the sky
but we went to kepong 1st

was very sunny and HOT on that day!

but it went sweet because dear was with me

haha, the original
ps:my dear is actually cuter than me
he can act much cuter face than me
on 10th August
it started to rain on 3.30pm
and that was the time i prepare to go out and stop a taxi
end up what?
feel dont want to go for class today
sms chee how but he didnt reply
3.50pm, the rain stop and i wanted to go out now
chee how called me using edmund cell phone
he's gonna come and fetch me!
reach class abut 4.15pm
and that tutorial was have so little question
and miss quah finish it bout 4.30pm
went to class for only bout 15mins
it was raining again
so wait for chee how
and when i wanted to get into his car
i knocked my ear to his car-door
uuh, soft touch will kill me
let it take times to recover
and if it kepp on swell and swell
i will get some eggs to reduce the swell and redness
time to sleep now
good nightz.

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The Proposal

8/09/2009 01:39:00 AM

here i go for my saturday
watch this funny love story
lol, laughter around the room
i laugh until cry
but lastly was so touching!
thx dear for recommended this movie
actually i wan to watch the 009 Hong Kong movie
but dear said no Hong Kong movie
fine, The Proposal will be
was a hot hot hot evening today
sweating sweating and keep on sweating
no mood for napping but my dear was so enjoy his nap
how could he sleep in such a hot weather?
he was napping and i was facebooking
but lastly i was so tired and went to nap beside him
but yet, stil sweating sweating and sweating
tomorrow gonna be a great day i think?
dear say gonna bring me to klang and help his brother to clean his new house, maybe
or help them pack things...
argh...but better than stay at home doing nothing!
decided not to back subang this week
hope can have some fun but went disappointed!
the last week of this month surely wont go back to my sis house
gonna have a great great great weekend that time
hoping everything gonna be prefer!
cant wait to that weekend...
many surprises will appear that day....

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The Real 123456789

8/07/2009 01:09:00 PM

i pass my 123456789 with my dearest prince
he came back to pj find me
and we captured 123456789
i was so happy just now!
thanks to my prince
he is so perfect!

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8/07/2009 12:36:00 AM

what so special?
its just number
now i tell you guys what so special bout it!
on 12 o'clock 34 minute 56 second 7th og August 2009
thats come out 123456789
see that?

i hope tomorrow this moment can spend it wif my PRINCE!
hope he can made it
but maybe he cant and i gonna spend the moment wif those UTARian waiting bus at PD block

well, tomorrow gonna update BjunY and memory how i've done with my 123456789

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200th days Anniversary

8/03/2009 11:18:00 AM

1st of August was our 200th days anniversary
thanks to my blog counter, i knew it from here..
on our 201th days, subang buddhist association having a Pindahpatta ceremony
see the crowed!
all session was there yesterday
its just some part i can capture, as my cell phone capture size was so limited..
back to friday, 31st july
my company was having event that day...
here are some cupcakes that i captured

and so, i captured myself, hehe!

on that night, my prince sent me back subang
we had not capturing ourself for so long
we captured so much and i just pick one to upload..

and very very funny
on 201th days, only realize that 1st august was our 200th days anniversary
so i told him, and he say should be celebrate!
yesterday we had dinner with my sister and her children
before went out to dinner, he came to my sister's house 1st
we capture ourselves *_*

after dinner, we went to sunway pyramid to celebrate our belated 200th days anniversary
we shopped around there and bought a stone to remember our big day
and i spend RM5 to buy 2 donuts!
he also bought a formal top
and i tried some short, but it not suit me
time to slim down myself, T.T
althugh the celebration was simple, but i was so happy!
even though 201th days only can celebrate 200th days, but it was meaningful!
will love you forever my prince!

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