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- 1st September is my BIG day.
- I love chocolate.
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- I am no longer his PRINCESS. I AM FREE!

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September - My BigDay ♥

9/04/2011 04:59:00 PM

hi gals & guys out there!
im here again, today went to McD to do some research, of course i had my McLunch there. also not forget to facebook and blog too! muahahahahahha~~~~

for those who really my FRIEND, they should know that September is a very special month for me.
Celebrating 3 special BIG day in this month.
1st - My Birthday ♥
2nd - anniversary ♥
3rd - Mr. Cow Birthday ♥

and this year im celebrating something special too, our Bangkok trip.
But something happen, and i had to cancel the trip.
he have to go himself as he is so willing to go.
is hard to find another 1 friend to go with him, unless we selling out the two ticket.
and the BAD NEWS is...the air ticket is under promotion fare, thats mean, we can't transfer the ticket to another name directly or on behalf of someone.
if i didn't go, he will go alone; if i go with him, i don't know what will happen between me and my family after that.
hard to make dicision, what to do now?
just wait and see...
it's only left few more days to go, and what decision will i make?

throw out the trouble 1st!!!! >.<
im going to write about my/our romantic, sweet and memorible history.

on 30th August, i spend my night with my dinner for a family re-union dinner.
miss them so so much! ♥
never spend a great time with family after this year CNY... T.T
i was though that i will have some surprise on the dinner, but they plan to give me surprise on 1st September.
ops, so sorry to say, i got a plan already. daddy mummy said they didn't celebrate for me last year, and hoping to celebrate on this year, end up i disappointed them.
they told me everything postpone to next year.
and now im hoping that next year i can kill two birds with one stone :) + ♥

on 1st September, i woke early to send my baby cute ferrari to service. its over limit already, and i just notice on last 3 days. and that time was hari raya, whole workshop was close. T.T
poor poor my grey ferrari! he have to carry with those smelly black oil to run me here and there.
but after i bring him to service, he look handsome and happy now! ^^

after that went back and preparing to go Taman Pertanian.
OMG, its all our fault, planning to have a sporty evening without doing any research.
when we reach there is already 4.40pm, and Taman Pertanian is only available on tues-sun, 8.30am - 4.30pm only.
what to do? just go home to prepare our dinner.
something bad happen after that. caused we have to postpone our dinner from 8pm to 9.30pm.
but, im still appreciate and happy to spend the dinner time with my Mr. Cow at Nerovivo, italian restaurant at KL.

is abit expensive, better don't go everytime, unless is your big big special day.
his dinner
i can cook this! hehe!
of course, he cook better than me >.<

my dinner
is was so call spaghetti, but is not a noodle looked.
is like our asian rice.
jz creamy and gummy rice, haha!
yet, is nice and special!

on 3rd September, Mr. Cow suddenly give me a call on that evening, date me to have a dinner.
i prepare myself and met him at 8.30.

we went to Deutsches Haus German Restaurant at jaya33.
My dinner
look tiny for me, but i cant finish it, because the pork slice is very thick!
and important is, very cheap, hehe!

His dinner.
crispy crispy!
yummy yummy!

FYI, is much more worth than Nerovino i think, but if you compare to the service and environment, i can honestly recommended Nerovivo to you guys and gals out there.

on 4th September, is been the very 1st time i spend my evening at McD from 2pn until now, 6pm, im stil here!
guess the worker is hate me now!
if someone having their lunch here and went back....they will get shock if they are planning to have McD as their dinner later. because im stil here, haha!
what to do?
besides researching, im playing with facebook, blogging, music and refilling my drink...LOL

-End of this post-



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