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- My name is JUNE.
- I am a GIRL.
- I grew up at Kelantan.
- 1st September is my BIG day.
- I love chocolate.
- I love purple.
- I am no longer his PRINCESS. I AM FREE!

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Photo Shooting

7/26/2010 07:35:00 PM

[i heart this photo soooo much!!]

oooppsssie oooppsssie, its been 2 weeks i didnt update this blog, this blog gonna die soon lar!
its been years ago i started to blog, and everytime i wil jz stop half way and found other site to create a new blog, so that i can continue to blog blog blog....

well, don't watsed any much time, lets see what i have been busy for the past two weeks....
went for photo shooting specially for my dearest JESSICA on last monday
here's some photo [choosen from more than 200+ photos]

following thursday went to kepong for another photo shooting at Touch De Academy, my friend's academy. A warm help for her and so me, haha! [get my meaning?]
those photos were capture from my phone, and choosen from more than 100+ photos. the real so pro photos is still in process to be upload, hope i can get the so pro photos soon...

photo shooting with Jean and Dawn
they such a lovely girls!

this is my 1st look for the shooting day

2nd look, because of this look, they named me

this was the 3rd look, love this look very much!
nice right?

and currently was turning back to little busy day
went for movie last night with a friend, pity him, i don't know he watched the day before, but i bought the movie again, but nice movie! worth to watch again!

The Sorcerer's Apprentice
what a great movie!
look forward for my following days, weeks, months.....stay cheese~

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7/11/2010 05:29:00 AM

today evening after the nap inside the baby room, have some fruit for my tea time and saw 2NE1 at the BOLA BRISTO, god! new song again? And i found these...




haha! hope there's more nice K-pop

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7/07/2010 11:45:00 PM

HOHO......gonna start a movie week from tomorrow on :)

My 1st movie for this week is FROZEN, with a friend :)

Next, gonna be PREDATORS, with 3 friends :)

and this 2movies was earn it by my luck, yeah, i can feel that my LUCK is coming back to me :)

Actually im not wanted to watch PREDATORS, but i hv mix it with INCEPTION. i want watch INCEPTION!!!!!
hope that my luck gonna bring me the INCEPTION movie :)

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