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- My name is JUNE.
- I am a GIRL.
- I grew up at Kelantan.
- 1st September is my BIG day.
- I love chocolate.
- I love purple.
- I am no longer his PRINCESS. I AM FREE!

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9/29/2010 09:27:00 PM

hello guys and gals, i been missing again and again, week by week....sorry sorry!
well, supposingly gonna upload my birthday post, but i hvnt got the photos yet, and was doing nothing here, so went up to update my pity forgotten blog...

since year 2005, i keep on blog in different web, and now i stay at blogspot. jz found tat coding is fun and yeah, now, i seldom play coding already, almost forget all the thing tat i learn before.
be honest, i wil jz keep on update my blog whenever i sign up a new blog. see, i always update my blog when i got this blogspot. then now, 1 week once, and turn up, 2 weeks once, 3 week once, and even one month once, or even can be more worse, haha!

well, i've been busy busy and busy, work work work and work.
i hv no idea am i really that busy?
i was so freely before september, and i started to be busy on september, feel like less time to FB and blog. my time was fully use and i enjoy it.
my life change after the incident, and thx to him, i waked and make my life more interesting. i am very enjoy by adding two cute darling into my life, JANE and ALEXIS! but no worry my misses ang, pang, kho, mok, chung and koh! u gals are always deep in my heart and no one can replace u all. and also my jessica, delphine, poh yin, sze teng, jia tyan, weixun and lawrence! heart u all soooooooo much!muakx!

one more thing, i was curious! before this i was looking ppl got "attack", write those bad words on their page, i feel pity to them and now, i got this too!??!?!?!?
HELLO!!!? im jz a normal ugly girl, and u no need to attack me, i admit! and i dont feel that i got step on who's tail! im jz a crazy girl, and i din speak hurtly, do i?
if i do hurt you, u jz tell me and i will say sorry to you, no reason u attack me by using childish way!
anyway, i am sincerely say SORRY to anyone that i got hurt them out there, sorry...

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heart 2NE1 so so much! [miss...]

9/09/2010 04:33:00 PM

LinJo aka Voon Hoong share another 2NE1 song at facebook jz now, Clap Your Hands
yeah, boys and girls, raise up your hands and clap clap clap!

and i found another song for 2NE1 too! its new song, yeah! named Can't Nobody, im can't wait to hear the whole song! support support!!!!

went to HK for holiday, wil be off for bout 1 week. enjoy, yet, will miss ^_^

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