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- My name is JUNE.
- I am a GIRL.
- I grew up at Kelantan.
- 1st September is my BIG day.
- I love chocolate.
- I love purple.
- I am no longer his PRINCESS. I AM FREE!

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Earth Hour

3/26/2011 03:50:00 PM

remember, tonight 8.30pm-9.30pm is EARTH HOUR?
if you dont, now u do!

Human was so stupid, killing ourselves, slowly and silently.
Do you believe in 2012?
honestly, i do, but yet, i started to hesitate.
i heard so many version of 2012, the so call end of the world. But what i get now is nothing, year hvnt reach 2012, so no one really know what will happen on that day. some predictor say this and that, but do you all really believe?
I believe in myself, save the earth and change the predic. earth hours should happen many many years ago, and not only once a year and only 1 hour yearly. this activity should goes everyday! dont u all agree?
what a shame in launching this activity only 1 hour, and once a year?
Earth needs us, and so we need Earth, so please save Earth and love Earth! There's no other to show your love to Earth, but take action to prove your love to Earth.

so, how you gonna spend your Earth Hour tonight?
share with me, and lets save Earth together, togethre make our living planet the most unique planet!

Earth Hour 2011 @ Hilton PJ


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New Life

3/26/2011 03:27:00 PM

What happen in your new life?
I gain many things, what i wanted all this way.
Being busy? haha! should be, and I feel satisfy now! Not for being busy all day long, but happy with who I am now!
I didnt know how well can i perfom, but at least, i gv myself a try! and yes, i did some great job during this 3 weeks.

Ms Lee went for holiday, and i will be alone handle whole depart.
i never feel nervous before, even last time durig exam, i stil cant really feel that stress, until last Wednesday, I totally feel it! many told me not to feel stress, just relax, but how to relax? since im handle the whole west malaysia. OMG! im so useful now, haha!

but time past, the started to decrease on thursday and totally gone on friday, i can breath!

Ms Lee, enjoy your holiday, and please, come back soon, i really need you, haha!
see you!

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127Hours ticket to be given out!

3/08/2011 11:37:00 PM

Four 127hours movie tickets to be given out. Will you be the lucky one?send you email to with your details and WHY YOU WANT TO WIN THE TICKETS. Lucky only-one you with creative answer will be inform by email or call after Saturday(12Mar2011). Good luck!!♥

y[ou can be as creative as you wan for the answer, insert video, photos, or bla bla bla to attract me.]

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Master class; to be a store women.

3/08/2011 10:00:00 PM

this will be a totally 100% alphabet post, no photo, and adding any icon...
bored post, if you are going to finish this... :P

I went to my 1st master class with Shirley and Eve at Desa Park City, last Sunday, its not fun, yet is useful for me! ^^
learn many things from the Italian guy, he spoke funny English...Haha!
after the master class, Shirley and I went for our dinner at La Casa just right down stair of the class. Its a romantic restaurant cafe for me, a warm lovely place to have your meal there with your love one and friends.
We both order different Tortilla Wraps, and a plate of Greek Salad.
[Greek was my dreamland, and still, it is! wish to visit there one day with my love ones]
once, i wanted to order spaghetti, but it look too full for me, ya, its my dinner, i should have a heavy meal to avoid hungry during midnight, but its already 10pm...
[i do capture some picture for the restaurant, menu and food, but sorry guys, no cable and even bluetooth, i cant upload the photo...]

I found that i slowly become a herbivore. Started love to eat vege. do not ask me why, i also don't know. the only reason that i can say is maybe currently i always dinner with cow's friends, and they like to eat meat! i need some vege to balance my repast, and so, started from there, they always order 1 plate vege for me, so...i slowly eat more and more vege. GOOD for HEALTH, hehe!

One more thing to share with all of you out there is....
i started to work at store today onwards till friday, not to cut the meat, but to know the part of the meat.[maybe have to cut, im not sure @@]
Poor June, i take more than 1hour to remember the part of chicken. how long will it take for me to know the part of beef, lamb and mutton?
ar, last post mention that i hardly eat beef, and today, i touch beef.....ewwww! mummy gonna warn me again if i mention to her bout this.

For office paper work, i started to handle some job. boss ask me to take order for eggs from the store and do the allocation, yeah, i did it yesterday, and today done for the allocation, clever girl right? clap clap for me!

huh, is late now, and i still at my friend house, waiting all come back for dinner, cooked by Sky :)
i should sleep early tonight then, last night was slept at 12.30, GOD! im a panda, always is, cause panda is one of my favorite animal too, hehe!

k, bye and good night


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Everything New!

3/03/2011 08:45:00 PM

New New New...everything is new now...
new job new house, new environment!

yup, i start my new job on 1st march, today is 3rd day as a OL, haha...
and i started to eat beef already....T.T
taste not so good, and i found it smelly too![sorry for those beef lover lar...><]
yesterday went to McD wif collegue aka my leng lui sifu - Ms Janice. and i order double cheese burger, hmm....maybe im not use to eat beef, so not so like it.
today my manager cook lunch for us, fried dong fun and fried maggie mee with lot lot of prawns...then come wif 2-3 types different taste beef, hehe, but i dont like beef too....coz too hard to bite...haha!

well....staying new house is jz like when i staying sec17. but this time im so busy until no time to cook at home.hopefully this sunday can cook, :)

well.....feel curious where i on9 now? office again? at friend's house. haih, no lappy and no line, will less on9 dy due to only teach 3days at the office.

anyway, got chance, i will always update my blog and facebook.
bye, miss you all,muakx! bye


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