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- My name is JUNE.
- I am a GIRL.
- I grew up at Kelantan.
- 1st September is my BIG day.
- I love chocolate.
- I love purple.
- I am no longer his PRINCESS. I AM FREE!

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love u besties!

8/23/2010 02:27:00 PM

currently damn damn no mood to update my blog, although i got lotz of things to share here.
gonna make d fast update for my lovely blog.

yesterday was my bestie- miss kho's birthday!
miss ang, miss mok and me gv her a BIG surprise, pity 3 of us, have to pretend nothing for the whole day...haha!
and yesterday was a great day for me too! i went out with my freelance bestie, and bring along my sistas, they all was so enjoy! ^_^

i love to share things to my bestie, and they gv me lots comments, take ur girls' advice, and see what i will decide :)

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the month of SE7EN

8/19/2010 02:31:00 AM

当我还不知道的时候,一点感觉都没有。但是有一位好姐妹在七月初一的凌晨发了个简讯给我,恐怖到………………那时候是半夜1点多,拜托,不要法那种简讯给我。后来,我转发给好多人 :P



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work ^_^

8/12/2010 03:48:00 PM

haha! last 2 week went to shooting again, this time with the photographer Tomson ^_^
he such a nice and cute person
i those photo

the following week was quite tired weekend for me. rushing at sg wang to buy boot, then friday-sunday stand the whole day, my leg damb pain, wan to go massage massage, hehe! but no money and duno where got good massager for me, haha!
yup, i work on pc fair for an online game. photos can be found in facebook, haha! there's no-one tagging me(i order them not to do so, hehe!), but you all surely can find the photos :)

cheers :)

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