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- My name is JUNE.
- I am a GIRL.
- I grew up at Kelantan.
- 1st September is my BIG day.
- I love chocolate.
- I love purple.
- I am no longer his PRINCESS. I AM FREE!

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2/28/2010 04:12:00 PM

Last Friday went to Genting with my prince

kacau-ing him while he's driving
[we were in the cave]

already past 21, and now i can enter casino with "throwing" my IC for the guard, hehe!

that day had show on genting, see the CHAI SHEN YE so cute!
i got go hug him, but photos was inside my prince camera, i think wont upload already, cause everytime when the photos are with other people, i say want uplaod also didnt take action, haha! sorry...

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cny on tiger year

2/24/2010 11:51:00 PM

huh, done some BIG shopping 1week beforecny. suppose to shopped last month, but was lagged of money.
was already dated Celest and Chiu to shop together, but they both FFK me.... however, i was not that upset, cause my boyfriend promised to bring me to time square and he made it, thx my dear

i was happily bought all the things in my list. just didnt get a bag.
then i planned to shopped at Sunway on Monday, but i went there Tuesday. and guess what, i bought something that satisfy me.

see, this bag is so cute! love WHITE colour so much!
but it started to get little bit dirty....:(

hmm, and i lastly bought myself kotex luxe. actually im just in love with the box. and i used it the 2nd day, and what im going to say, might hurt kotex supporter, but i have to say it out, because, i prefer the brand i normally use. kotex is not my 1st choice. :)

and surprisely! i wear S size short :Dsee, its really a S size! should thx to my sis that promote mt her product? hmm, dont think too much, just trusted myself i can slim down eventhough i didnt have her product :P

well...CNY was going to end soon...
this year cny was the worst ever cny, no water for 4 days, lost while gamble and the most worst is SICK!
luckily i didnt follow my sis back kl, coz i started to get sick on friday and i suppose to start work on saturday...
lovely, my boyfriend come pick me up on sunday from ipoh...:) and he bought me this big cute pink bear

with the word "with love" on the bear's left leg. when i got time, i want to sew our name on the right leg, hehe!

this is the valentine's present he gave me this year. hah! bought from medan, indonesia. lol... *imported* nuh...
the size is just nice, a baby size, nice to carry!

xoxo, till here i blog, and hopefully will update more soon

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2/05/2010 08:23:00 PM

im totally disappointed! there's already my luck and it gone after that! HATE this feeling!
im already selected for the TIGER RUN, but because of SOME PROBLEMS, i cant attend it, and i cant find any representative. i could found my boyfriend to help me, but they said the representative must be a blogger, WTF :( anyway, what can i do? jz blamed myself for taking too much leave in the pass few weeks. urghh!!!!!!

ok, forget bout the SAD thing
from now on, when i got the MOOD, i will write like my previous post, highlight those important words, bold those great word, etc. hah!here come my mood....

just now was facebooking and i found Name Wee's blogspot and new video

i already shared in my facebook. ♥ the chorus, sound good, haha! he such a brave man, if im him, i think i wont able to write like him.

i also found karen kong's song,ㄚ一ㄨㄟㄛ ( so cute right!)

from the 1st time i heard this song, i already like it, jz didnt search it. now i found it in Name Wee blogspot, so just share it lar...

and this ㄚ一ㄨㄟㄛ is originally an English song

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My Dream in the Year of the Tiger

2/03/2010 10:54:00 PM

Chinese New Year coming soon...hmm, and i cant really find the CNY mood this year, due to my poorness... ): until i found something interesting, CLICK and see, you will found it attractive!

HAHAHA, its a DREAM COME TRUE contest!!!!!
The winners of the marathon will get their wishes fulfilled by TIGER, RM8,888 worth for dream, for each of the 1st runner ups in the Male and Female category. The GRAND PRIZE will come in the form of a RM8,888 wish with an additional RM1,888 cash for the 1st one to cross the finish line
-aha, copy this sentence from the page-

and so, i take part in this too, just to hope will be the luckiest among all, haha! and when its really come true, i think i will happy until the end of the year!

narh, here come my wish list, get ready to fulfill it *yeah,too much hoping!*
since there is no limited wish, so i wont just make one wish, haha! well, time to make a wish! Let's go...

dear TIGER, i wish to have...
Model : Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Neverfull MM
yes, this is my dream hand bag, planned to get one when i got lots of $$$, but now i may got the chance to get it FOC, why dont i have a try? let's see am i so lucky for this?

"Why i want this?"
"Its really my dream bag since i was young. Was thinking when can i earn lots of money and buy this for myself? ya, its not worthy to own an EXPENSIVE handbag, but i think the quality is totally different compare with those 'cap pe lang' brand out there. To own a good bag that can use for many years is more worthy than nothing!" xoxo

next, i would wish to have a laptop. narh, i din explore much, i dont know bout the series, but since i may get it FOC, i wish to have Sony VAIO (maybe SR series), in PINK or either RED colour, hoho, love this colour so much!

"Why i want this?"
"I never have a laptop until now. When i went for college, my parent didn't buy me a laptop, but send my desktop to me all the way from KELANTAN. huh, sound ridiculous! And ya, im not really need to have this, but i just don't like sharing computer with my family. Many secrets that i don't want to share might be shared with my family when they trying to open my files. So, who don't want a personal laptop? I want it!!" xoxo

i couldn't count how much does my wish cost, but if there's still left some money,
i would like to take a FOC iPhone for my dear boyfriend, hehe, as a Valentine's present, perhaps...
*hope he is getting busy nowadays and wont view my blog and especially this post!*

"Why i want this?"
"As i said, just wish to get this for my boyfriend as his Valentine's present. Since Valentine's is same day with Chinese New Year this year, we can't celebrate together this year. So i hope to get him this iPhone, so that we can video call, haha!" xoxo

and, if with this 3 items, i have left some money still,

Morden Shape series - Butterfly Effect by Triumph

or maybe...

Miss Triumph by Triumph
i might want like the photo above set bra and brief, but i cant find what's the series of it...

i wish to have a set of TRIUMPH inner wear, hoho.... i love Triumph brand so much...hehe
now, this one i do research much compare to the laptop, hehe, im Triumph supporter, just im too poor to buy myself now, soon or later, i will get myself many sets of Triumph inner wear, haha!

"Why i want this?"
"Every girls want a perfect body shape, right? And so i! Triumph can give me the perfect body shape!" xoxo

*think too much again...(O.o)*
If, just in case, there are still left some money, i just wish to DONATE those money to the people who need it, earthquake victims, etc. (:

"Why i want this?"
"Not me need it, is those victims out there need it! even is just left another RM1, it will also help them with this little money! " xoxo

huh, at last, i listed out my wish list, but of course, there's not just so little. i have to pick cleverly, is not good if my wish overfill, right?

hah, my aim is the GRAND PRIZE (i think everyone who participated in this contest will aim for the best prize,right!) or the 1st runner up in FEMALE CATEGORY!!!!!
just wish im the luckiest, and have a surprise for him...
thank you!!!

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