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- My name is JUNE.
- I am a GIRL.
- I grew up at Kelantan.
- 1st September is my BIG day.
- I love chocolate.
- I love purple.
- I am no longer his PRINCESS. I AM FREE!

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Im piano teacher

5/23/2010 01:04:00 PM

its bean half year, im in music industry...
started to take some great challenge in my life.
never try to teach a group of student, until yesterday, i started to take over theory group of bout 6 students in different age, but in same grade of theory.
its abit hard to handle them, but i can do it!
i will keep on take challenge in my life. Make my life plenum!

gonna wait for good news again, hopefully this time i will get a call/sms/email from Ms. Cammy. its another good way in my life, hopefully...and planned to started another life style in my name called June, hahaha~

good luck to me!
no one can block my way ;)

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Maybelline New York

5/20/2010 10:43:00 PM

Do Not Talk in The Right Time

Just give them a warm smile

and just pretend i dont know anything

so, everything will be fine, right?
[waiting Celest in the fitting room]

started to turn my make up tools to Maybelline New York?
haha, because of the Taiwan show "Ladies First"(女人我最大), Mr.Kevin introduce the Magnum Volum' Express waterproof mascara, and the price are reasonable for me

so i went to KLCC last sunday wif friends and bought it.

now i got 3 Maybelline make up tools,
1) Watershine Liquid lipgloss
2) Make Up Remover for eye and lip
3) the Magnum Volum' Express waterproof mascara

other is silky girl. gonna change to other brand later, stil searching the cheap and best quality XD

always wanted to capture some photos when go out with friends, but always forgot and dont hv the feeling to capture.
last sunday went KLCC with Celest and Chiu, again, i forgot to capture some photos with them. i did mention bout it, but we just care bout shopping.

my very favorite spaghetti
in white and red sauce,yummy yummy!

Tuesday, Ms Ang sms asked me wanted to go pasar malam. haha, she was so so so excited. at last we went to the so called Malaysia longest pasar malam at cheras. we found out nothing special bout it and it is not as long as she think, she abit disappointed with the legend, haha!
by the way, we spend much at there. i spend bout RM50 there, including some cute stuff and foods! yeah, i like to eat! bought manyt hings to eat there.

hot red bag to put all my make up tools

haha, again, i didnt capture at the pasar malam night, abit regret...:(

the stupid trafic light when im on my way to work.
started from monday until wednesday
duno fix already?
lets see tomorrow how's the light...

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happy parent's day

5/16/2010 12:14:00 AM

gosh, should update this post 2 weeks ago, but you know lar, human being, LAZYYYYYYY...

30th April, we went to the Korean restaurant at Taipan to celebrate the parent's day.

Me and Xuan

The Black and The White

The Pretty mum and Handsome dad

The family with missing some members again..:(

and during 5th May, went to celebrate birthday for my prince, went for Ip Man 2 and some cup cakes for the birthday cake

♥..LOVE him still, always will be, till the day when we are old..♥

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Why Smartphones can be Dumbphones

5/11/2010 01:17:00 PM

yea, SMARTphones can be DUMBphones if you didnt use it wisely :)

the smartphone have every smarted access inside, but you didn't access it, didn't find it out and use it, it just gonna be as DUMB as a dumbphone, nothing much can do, right? What a watse of money buying a SMARTphone but treat it as a dumbphone. And so, please, just read through the mini book inside the box each time you got a new phone, and discover the smarted access inside the "dumbphone" and make it become SMARTphone...[wow, feel that my english got some level now, haha]

i didnt use any really smart-smartphone before, but my ex so-so-smartphone is really being my smartphone all this way!i use my so-so-smartphone as my alarm,remider, timer and bla bla bla.i used it to surt the net before, even though i was using prepaid last time. but then, now i didnt do that anymore, cause just wanted to save more money for him(sub the line under him :p ). and now, my new so-so-smartphone doesn't have GPRS access, but it got google map, hah! i use it always to find the way to a new destination that i never gone before. just like yesterday, 1st time went to Kuchai Lama, and using the google map to search my destination, i am such a smartperson using a smartphone haha...
i started to travel many places now and i wanted a really SMART-SMARTphone that have GPRS, internet access and etc. , just wish to attend the DiGi Break Free Party and win the prize xoxo...

Best pre-event blog post – Blackberry Bold 9700
Best-dressed blogger at the party – HTC Legend
Best post-event blog post – Blackberry Bold 9700
Runner-up for post-event blog post – Blackberry Curve 8250

The party will be held at the time, date and venue below:
Date: 29 May 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 6pm – 10pm
Venue: Ecoba, Lot No. B-G-02, Level 1 Menara Bata (Tower B), PJ Trade Centre, No. 8 Jalan PJU 8/8a Bandar Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya
-i already block 29th of this month, reserve that Saturday for this cool party!-

its a costume party, and the theme is "Prisoners and Villains"

u can be the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland

the Joker from Batman
and many many more..:)

or even just wear like the DiGi poster man wear - prisoner look

for the girl sure must be the sexiest prisoner ..XD..

To reserve yourselves a spot at the DiGi Break Free party, all you have to do is follow the 2 simple steps below:

1. Write a blog post entitled “Why Smartphones can be Dumbphones”.
2. After you’ve written the post, fill up the form at the end of "the post" with your details, and you’re all set.
The 100 most creative blog posts will win invites for 2 to the party!

-I started to think gonna reserve the one more ticket for who :p-

due to not willing to spend more money to access to the internet, i found that...

DiGi is proud to introduce the DG Smart Plan, the smarter plan for smartphones. With the DG Smart Plan costing only RM 68 a month for unlimited access, you can set the Internet free on your smartphones, and discover the full potential of your smartphone.

what a good smart plan, right? plan to switch it, hee~

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