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- 1st September is my BIG day.
- I love chocolate.
- I love purple.
- I am no longer his PRINCESS. I AM FREE!

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Search for A4Tech Girl 2011

2/22/2011 04:36:00 PM

hello guys and girl, one more thing i forget to blog in the previous post..
well, i need your help. do help me ya, and help some of my friends too, thx!

there's few easy step only
1st - you can join this group A4Tech Malaysia
2nd - you can go to the Seach for A4Tech Girl 2011 photo album
3rd - you can like the photo #13: June June, #14: June Woo, #2: Vivian Ong

its simple 3 steps jz to help us.
ur help will means alot to us, thx alot ya, muakz!


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valentines Vs chap gor meh

2/22/2011 04:13:00 PM

hi hi, everyone, miss me, miss me not?
well, its a long long 2weeks for me to enjoy myself before i start my new job, after feb, i will super busy, no time to blog, no time to fb, due to no lappy and no internet line, the only way to keep myself update is when i go to teach piano and got some slot to curi curi online, haha!

so, how u all celebrate ur valentines and chap gor meh?

for sure, SOMEONE is interest to know bout mine, aren't you?
my valentines was suppose to be celebrate in a great great meaningful restaurant for me, but due to lag of time, we just went for movie that i bought on that morning. (no wasting wei....) after that went to happy at giza there, just two of us. very enjoy, thx alot cow!

my chap gor meh, went to giza again, to celebrate wif my collegue

these are the cute collegue of mine, some is muslim, so they didnt attent, and the manager din take photo with us....he say shy wor, haha!

and these are the 5 pretty lady teachers of the centre, haha!

and dang dang dang....i love this photo the most, damn cute, haha!

issac- my ex student, he so hang fok, coz all the pretties was taking photo with him...haha!

huh...honestly, im blogging while waiting my student in the room now. 7 more minutes will finish the class, but she hvnt reach yet....i think shd cancel the class dy...haih. hope later the student for replacement class at 5pm will remember and attend the class, f not, i will wait the next student till 6pm. gonna be crazy!
but, luckily i bring along cow lappy, if not, i sure will get bored here.haha!



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Happy Belated CNY to you

2/07/2011 12:47:00 AM

super thx to shirley for borrow me her expensive cheong sam!
love ya!

yes, to you who reading this! wish you a belated happy rabbit chinese new year!

well, already wished my beloved friends on facebook the day before cny, when i was at Kulim.

luckily i got a small lappie that can entertain me during the whole week after
my bro and sis went back kl, after all my friends went for uni/work, and super
lucky my neighbour got wifi, although the connection is very very dim, but is
better than cant online! huh, see, im now blogging in my living room, yeah yeah!
when my bro and i heading back to kelantan, bad thing happen to us! we got french kissed by a red jazz at our backside. poor my bro car, gonna send to hospital after cny. poor my bro too! he have to spend a number of money for the poor car.

i had 3 main bad things happen to me on toger year, shu shu bad luck! rabbit year will be a lucky year for me! so 8po until go buy a feng shui book, hehe! it state that i will be good luck during the whole rabbit year wor..hope so lol!

my wound getting better, so dont worry bout me. thx alot for those who concern bout my wound. really appreciated it!

PS: will very seldom update my blog and facebook after valentines 2011, due to im free from lappie/pc. connection? sometimes high sometimes low. so, who willing to sponsor me a lappie/pc, so i can update my facebook and blog everyday after my work.. :D waiting waiting...lalala...

last but not least...time to work on monday for those who are pity...nvm, i will support u all d! good luck in ur work and enjoy the rabbit year, may everything u do this year will better than last year, cheers!


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