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9/28/2009 08:57:00 PM

i dropped my mobile phone into water during hari raya last week
and my mama ask me to get a new phone
wow!cool mama!
no lar,actually my mama just worry
but this few days talk with her
she keep on asking me use her handphone
or buy the same phone with her
OMG, its NOKIA, i dont like nokia
i prefer sony ericsson, hehe!
do some research on the phone i like
T700 and C510
both got its own best function
T700 is so nice looking! but unfortunately, cant make a video call
C510 is so cool! but unfortuantely, when want capture a photo, need to open the camera
if i buy T700, and i cant make a video call with anyone!
but if i buy C510, when i wan capture, i must open the camera
open and close always, will spoil the camera
im that kind of person like capturing
so i dont think i will buy C510
but confusing!
i cant really made a prefect decision!

just now, my brother call and ask me
though he will scold me of wasting money
but hah! he didnt!
he ask me nicely, talk with me nicely
and he ask me why dont i go do model
wow! cool man!
but ya, last few weeks my company had an event
but not so good if ask people how to become a model...
that day, ivan did ask me have i ever think to become a model
well, ya, but waiting a chance~
by the way, my sis was asking me to participate in miss malaysia next year
argh! for the past few years, she keep on asking me the same question when astro is going to held the miss malaysia event

honestly, being a model, yeah, was my dream before
and for now, i not really think of it, just depends
the experience working now, made me bump into models world
their works are cool!
but too rush when a show is live
and models have to be brave to be naked in front of ppl
although company will arange GIRLS to change the outfit for the model
but i was get shock when one of the model on that day was half naked
uh, so surprising

see, models are pretty when having the show live
but before they go out to show, fitting room was full with braveness
i dont think i can make it lar my dear brother!

hmm....well brother
i got the chance to make my dream come true
its Blinc
now i found out that Blinc was so familiar for me...
is it the company where jacline work?
because i feel i saw this Blinc word before
and it is state at damansara there
i remember jacline did mention her office was at damansara there
tomorrow gonna go comfirm with my collegues
if it is true, i will have someone i know if i really go there for the interview, haha!

pray for me
wish my got luck everyday

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Hari holiday

9/23/2009 10:31:00 PM

yea, last weekend i spent my days with my dearst family...
papa and mama came to kl for the holiday
the girls went shopping the whole sunday,haha!
and guess wat? mama and sister got alot
me, jz a white belt and simple tops
i ask mama to take the tops back to hometown for next year chinese new year
if i bring back to 17, surely i will wear it when i go for a date,haha!
perhaps will wear it as a brand new tops for my 2010 chinese new year!

and the most surprising part was....
i drop my mobile phone into water
damb! o(>o<)o
mama ask me to buy a new phone
perhaps, i could get a new phone,muahaha!
my dear help me to reapply a new sim card today
thanks to him, done so much for me
but then, recently he was very very very very BUSY
i dont really mind, but not like this after couple of years!
i dont want that kind of husband, no time for family, just focus on his career!
i cant stand with that!
but i will support him now....
now and now, support him until the right time
he will do the right decision
cheer up dear, do not push yourself too hard
take some times to relax...

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my mobile phone ar!!!!

9/20/2009 09:39:00 PM

drop my mobile phone into water
so bad luck today!
no mobile phone use now
tomorow gonna use my mom's mobile phone 1st
duno when can get a new mobile phone,haih....
but luckily i dont have anything important inside my mobile phone memory....
dont know my sim card and memory card got broken or not...

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9/18/2009 12:14:00 AM

可是今天已經11點15 分了,他還沒有聯絡我

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update all the post that shd be update!

9/14/2009 08:40:00 PM

huh!study almost the whole day
time to release!
yeah, online typing is one of the way to release myself!

lets back to 5th sept
on this day i follow my dear to Ipoh to celebrate his mother's birthday!
haha, so happy dear bring me back Ipoh on a special day!

who's wearing yellow shirt is the birthday girl!
and her yellow cake, and so my birthday cake last week, Mango cake,haha!

on sunday dear bring me to play
but we went out at 4pm like that
there's no time to really enjoy the trip actually
but, we captured some photos!

time go to 11th sept, haha!
my company having event again on that day
and i borrow dear's camera
captured so much photos!
so enjoy....
for more photos, please click to link,thx
(ps:too much to edit, so i was so lazy, u guys just go my facebook and see lar,muahaha!)

12th night
jessica and me went to starbucks drink coffee and chocolate
haha!so happy!
i plan to there study
but end up, study little bit
chit chat whole night with jessica
back at bout 12.30am
so dangerous hor, but we are safe,dun worry!
and the next day jessica's back johor already...
she said will back on tuesday...
well, i gonna be alone and yeah, i will study hard for my coming final!!!

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My Birthday Last Week

9/07/2009 09:49:00 PM

Gosh, 1 week past and i just write it
because i just got all the photo no writing, haha!
let's to the topic

my birthday was on 1st September
and before that day, 28th August, my dear and me went to The Cave for dinner

wow,this dessert so cheese so much!

and the next day, dear sent me back to sister house.
on 30th, my family celebrate my birthday for me...
thx my dear bro and sis in law, sis and her family!

on my birthday, i was headache, but thx to my dear, he brought me to HAJIME for lunch

coming post for what i've done in this weekend. stay tune...

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bad news=good news

9/03/2009 09:29:00 PM

should be update what's happening last week
but i hvnt got all the photos, and it doesn't gv the mood for me to write it
well, thats was not a bad news, coz im going to update soon,stay tune

but then!
i got something good to share with you guys....
im selling this facial mask
there got 18 kinds of mask
but come with 10 in one box,non-mixable
and the sad part is.....
for now im just doing COD at JAYA ONE area....
really sorry guys
but anyway, hope you guys can support me oo :)

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