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Thailand part 2

10/28/2011 11:48:00 PM

aha....waiting so long?
sorry sorry......busy + lazy = no update the part 2....
well....lets continue the part one....(im getting abit forget whats happening there....haha~)

the next day #3, we packing to Pattaya, was happy to heading there, for beach, sunshine and bikini-s...

we went for thai massage too! only for 150 bath

was so happy, so enjoy!

yet, everything gone just because of a rainy day.
almost flood, and it does flood on the 1st night.
the water was until my knee already. no night fun at there...
and the dinner of that day was...
Packed fried rice and hazelnut flavor caappuccino from 7-eleven.

well, the next day, i thought it will be shiny and sunny day, but the rain still dropping, and our plan_ floating market is gone again. this is the sad part that didn't visit to the market in thailand.

day #4
went back to Thailand again.
what a watse for day #3
anyway, i'm still happy to spend the time together with my Mr Cow.
when we reach back to Bangkok, we straight away go to the hotel that we have booked before we went to Thailand.
and so, here we go for 2 people trip in Thailand without his sister.
we go everywhere by ourselves, we eat ourselves, we explore the way ourselves.
not getting lost, haha!

and OMG! Thailand shopping mall is really a PARADISE for us girl.
same fashion as malaysia, and the price is so CHEAP! yes, is cheap!
i didn't spend much on clothes, but i spend much on eat, time if i am going to Bangkok again, i'm sure will spend alot to buy the clothes! i wan to SHOPPING!

day #5 is our shopping day, dating day, a day that we spend together, supposely. Until noon, Mr Cow said he is not feeling well, and we went back to hotel.he spend his whole evening sleeping. im spend my whole evening online in the room and watching drama. that time was following HK TVB drama-Laughing Gor.

and here come our day #6
BAD BAD news!!!!
Mr Cow is not feeling well.
again, spend whole day in the hotel, sooooo wasted!

but our day #7 was so happening.
we spend one whole day at outside, for our lovely date!
We went to ocean world, haha! little
Malaysia got this, but why we Malaysian never go to ocean world at our country, but will visit other country's?

NEMO is so cute , heart it!

Evil Shark!
i'm trying to be evil smiled like him, but why i look so sweet beside him?

does they look real?

pink too-too from Thailand
spoiled the photo with showing the leg, lol

i went to cave adventure too!
cow is scared of spider.....
poor cow cow...

oh ya, we went to china town too!
same as jalan petaling/petaling street/chee cheong kai...
went to alot of placs too, gosh, i forget what we really did on day #7.

and day #8, we are packing things back to Malaysia.
our flight is night time.
so we went to shopping again on the day time.
hehe! buy buy buy!
even not alot of things to buy, but we did enjoy the day!

happyily for 1 whole weeks.
and i found a little fun thing!
we never fight or quarrel on this 8 days.
a lovely day for us, a memorable day for us.
hope we will never forget this trip.

looking forward for our 2nd trip.
and i hope the trip will be sunny trip!
i hate raining trip!!!

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