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im poor

1/28/2010 03:57:00 PM

i jz work 3 days in one week
how long will i continue like this?
i wan more income!
why dont have many peoples come and learn piano?

today at home whole day, started to get bored!
i feel like gonna sick, too sad! i hv no mood to do anything!
watch tv until want vomit, online also nothing to do
this post is just to make my blog alive only
huh, im so boring!
wanted to go for little shopping, but im out of money!
i got some thing that need to buy for cny, but really dun hv much money to buy!
waiting for February, hope that my income can cover every expenses, then i can go and buy some needed thing for cny!

today Celest sms ask me for a movie this weekend, 《大日子》
i dun feel like to watch it, coz it cant gv me the feeling
feel that it is not a good movie to watch
however, i viewed some frens blog, they mention it was nice...
hmm, i better wait my bro in law to get a dvd, then watch at home
i rather spend the money to buy better movie ticket
-sorry to say like this, but i really dun hv the mood to watch local movie-

this weekend my prince gonna spend his weekend with his family, again...
last 2 weeks, i went to my fren's weeding, and last week i went to my prince's sister's wedding
spend a good last weekend with his family, but i din capture any photos, so lazy to capture nowadays, muahahah!
and coming this weekend, they are going to tiara beach resort at PD, again....
his brother jz go few weeks ago, and now wanted to go again... he said its fun, so wanted to go again...
so sad, i hv to work on weekend, and i already on leave for 2 weeks, cant on leave anymore, if not, those parents gonna hate me...

-wish to have more and more students!!!!!-

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black or white

1/26/2010 12:02:00 AM


as i mention, i prefer WHITE
but i found out that BLACK is better than WHITE
now i started to get bored with BLACK
feel to turn my page into WHITE
gv some comment, please.......

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1/18/2010 10:44:00 PM

ops ops ops...
almost forget this important post!
just must note down that
my prince and i already been for 356 days


nothing much to write, everything is already noted in our mind

love you my prince!

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My Weekend

1/17/2010 08:31:00 PM

another weekend that everybody love!

this weekend was my friend's big day, she gonna be a big girl now :)
at 1st, i was wondering want to go be her jimui or not, but lastly i decided to go.
i didnt capture much photos, but im pretty sure will have lots of photos from those photographer
of course, i will not forget to "zi lian"

-ji mui's flower, i wil diy become hair band, xoxo-

On the wedding dinner, i sat with my friends, and met up with one long lost friend
and he told me someone told him that what happen when we were young
i didnt gv him the answer he wanted
luckily he jz left few minutes to talk and he have to go...
i almost forget the thing, until yesterday night he bring it out and all the memories come out...:)

and now, i at my prince house
pity me, no transport to go back subang, so i plan to stay at my prince house, tomorow only he send me back subang or maybe take bus back...
huh, housework make me tired!
but it is sweet :)

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happy BELATED new year!

1/06/2010 06:38:00 PM

its abit late to greet all u guys

*since my prince didnt mind i upload this photo, so i post it up here,muahaha...!*
haha, previous post was really my last post for year 2009
for this brand new come my 1st post, :)

went for new year eve dinner at Full House with my prince
lots of photos was in his sorry...

after dinner, we went for count down at "solaris"
he always bring me to new place, thx alot for celebrating new year eve with me
- The Stage -

- The Crowed -

i quit my part time job at Jaya One
now, im focusing on teaching piano, and i moved back to my sister house...
and the important thing is, i will less blogging from now on, so sad....
*(im always like that! will only always blog for new blog, i think is time to get a new blog, hee..)

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